Revenue Management

Revenue Management

“When you make mistakes in setting your prices, you’re undermining your reputation or your profits”

Katherine Paine, Founder of The Delahaye Group

What is Revenue Management?

Revenue Management is about providing the right service, to the right customer, at the right time, and at the right price. In the last few decades, this “simple” idea has transformed many companies. It has made it possible to ensure the sustainability and modernization of the air and hotel sectors, among others. These days, it’s essential as far as the creation of new business models is concerned.

Wherever there’s dynamic pricing, it’s possible to implement specific pricing techniques, which is Revenue Management’s best-known aspect.

Our idea of Revenue Management

Pricing is just one element of Revenue Management, and it’s the most tactical one. Other more strategic factors can have the same effect on the tourist establishment’s profits and losses: market positioning, commercial distribution, and technological tools.

That’s why, at Hotel-lo, we don’t just limit ourselves to daily price management – we’re a global partner with a real eye for change and continuous improvement.

The three phases of Revenue Management

We could list a thousand, but we’ll condense them into three


Data from PMS, OTAs, web analytics sources and others: we’ll perform an in-depth analysis.


A new rate structure, new policies/methodologies, and perhaps even a new market positioning.


In an ultra-competitive sector, you can’t just live off your current income – you need to continually reassess and innovate.

Who’s it for?

We have a customised solution for all types of businesses.

Independent hotels

We guarantee clear increases in RevPAR after just a few months in any type of business.


No matter the number of beds, you can always apply Revenue Management techniques.

Hostels/Guest Houses

It’s often more complex to make a profit from a hostel or guest house than a hotel, so if you’re a hostel or guest house manager we can help you.


The campsite sector is increasingly divided between those who reap the benefits of Revenue Management and those who choose to ignore it.


We plan and deliver tailor-made training in Revenue Management for Associations, Unions, and Universities.

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