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Ssshhh… Revenue Managers at work

Outsourcing, consulting and training from a team of 360º professionals.

Perhaps you are one of the 5,000 people who have taken one of our courses at some point. Or maybe you work in one of the many companies that, for one reason or another, have trusted us during these 20 years.

Or maybe you have just met us. In any case, we welcome you to Hotel-lo.

They say about us

Our Team

Gabi Mueller- Hotel-lo

Gabi Mueller

Founder and CEO

Running gives me a lot of energy and I love to travel the world with my family.

Sara Colomer- Responsable Formación

Sara Colomer

Training Manager

I dance swing, my name is Sara due to a Spanish song and I ride my motorcycle everywhere.

Helena Monge- Revenue Management

Helena Monge

Revenue Manager

I like the beach more than the mountains, I love taking care of myself and going on getaways.

Laura Andújar- Revenue Management

Laura Andújar

Revenue Manager

Give me a tea, a good book and a view of the Alhambra.

Jordi Teixidó- Excel y Power BI

Jordi Teixidó


I enjoy playing paddle tennis with my kids and I am a big fan of open world video games.


Javier Gay de Liébana


Music and living by the sea cleanse my spirit.

Lourdes Lopez

Lourdes López


I love traveling, I would live in a Jane Austen novel and if you want to see me smile, put a bag of sweets in front of me.

Alba Benítez- Social Media

Alba Benítez


In another life I would be a florist, but in this one my passion is communication. I confess to being addicted to TikTok, I love it!

Gustavo Escobar- ChatGPT

Gustavo Escobar


I help companies to use AI and attract customers, but my true passions are travel and food.

Tirso Maldonado- Marketing Hotelero

Tirso Maldonado


Probably one of the biggest experts in Online Marketing in Spain.