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We help you succeed in the world’s best job

The world of tourism is more alive than ever: more travelers, more destinations, more accommodation and distribution channels. And above all: more technology.

From Hotel-lo Business Academy we train you to keep you progressing in the job of your dreams.

Comillas Business Academy

All the courses we have done with Hotel-lo have been great. A great learning opportunity. The teachers are always up to the task and the courses are very well structured. We will continue to rely on them for our hotel training!

Ibiza Sun
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Comillas Business Academy

I have taken the Strategic Revenue Management online course and the experience has been very good. I have been able to put into practice all the knowledge acquired… If you have any doubts, they answer you quickly…

Victoria S.
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More than 20 years giving you:


They help you work wordlwide.


Experience the thrill of selling the last room in the hotel at the best possible price (this is what Revenue Management is all about).


Your good resolutions, at the beginning of the year, fulfilled.


Keeping up to date with changes in a very dynamic sector.


The uncomfortable feeling of having lost hours and hours for not having taken a course before.


The pleasant feeling that things are easy, if a professional explains them well.

When you finish one course, you want to take another one

Our courses make you want to continue learning.
With a very practical approach, they will allow you to apply what you learn in your daily life.