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Duration: 37 hours
Level: Beginners
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What will you achieve with this course?

Whether or not you have experience in the hotel industry and / or related studies, with the Course on Essentials of Revenue Management you will obtain a solid basis on Revenue Management. You will understand what it is and how it is applied concretely thanks to exercises and case studies.

Program and contents

  • History and background of Revenue Management
  • Definition of Revenue Management
  • Revenue Management is not…
  • Application and implementation of the Revenue Management

❓Quiz 1

The key concepts of Revenue Management
  • The Customer
  • Segmentation
  • The Product
  • Sales by categories
  • Time of booking

🛠️ Call sheet to hotels

Revenue Management KPIs
  • How to measure Revenue Management
  • RevPAR
  • Total TRevPAR
  • Net RevPAR

🛠️ RevPAR Exercises
🛠️ Exercises Total TRevPAR
🛠️ Exercises Net RevPAR
❓Quiz 2

Case studies

🔎 Case study 1: Sales Strategies
🛠️ Activity
🔎 Case study 2: Implementation of Revenue Management
🛠️ Activity
🔎 Case study 3: Applying Revenue Management in your day-to-day business.
🛠️ Activity

❓ Final quiz with 20 questions. It is mandatory to pass the course.


Gabi Mueller- Hotel-lo

Gabi Müller, the founder of Hotel-lo, brings 25 years of experience in the hotel industry, with the past 20 years focused on Revenue Management and e-Commerce.

She has held senior commercial positions, including Regional Revenue Manager, at prestigious international chains such as Marriott, Kempinski, and Hilton.

Gabi holds an MBA from Cornell University and a diploma from ESADE’s ADE program.

The course includes:

The most comprehensive and practical introduction to Revenue Management

Three case studies to analyze

Quizzes and activities subject to assessment

24/7 access to the online platform

Support through students’ forum and messaging

Question resolution

Personalized tutoring

Participation in the Students’ Forum

Final diploma

Downloadable material (articles, glossary, etc.)

15-day money back guarantee (*)

(*) If no more than 20% of the course has been viewed.

Start today!

Price: 249€ + IVA (if applicable)

Start today!

Price: 249€ + IVA (if applicable)

What will I learn in this course? And more FAQs

The recommended weekly dedication is 5 or 6 hours. It will depend on the time you want to spent into the activities we are going to propose.

Send us an email to or fill out the form on this page and we will tell you the steps to follow. Once the payment is done, we will give you the keys to access the online platform and start learning Revenue Management..

Yes, you will get the Diploma of the course issued by Hotel-lo Business Academy and you will be able to share it on your Social Networks.

Once you have completed your training in Revenue Management, you will open up a wide range of job opportunities in the hotel sector.

You will be able to work as a Revenue Manager in any tourism company, being responsible for the strategic management of revenues and the optimization of profitability. When you gain more experience, you can aspire to management positions in the Revenue Management department, leading teams and applying innovative techniques to achieve the company’s objectives.

In smaller properties, you will be the person responsible for Revenue Management and as such you will have to propose and manage specific strategies to maximize the hotel’s revenue. Your position will allow you to interact with other areas, such as Business Development, or to lead the application of Big Data and new technologies in the company.

We know that the fundamentals you will have acquired will help you adapt to the inevitable changes in this dynamic sector.

The primary tool for a Revenue Manager is the forecast, and it is the main topic of the Course on Strategic Revenue Management. It can be a traditional (and highly efficient) Excel spreadsheet or the latest modern software. In either case, it allows for anticipating future demand based on historical data and current trends.

The other five key tools in a Revenue Manager’s toolkit are:

  1. Property Management Systems (PMS): applications to manage the daily operations of a hotel, such as reservations, check-ins, check-outs, and room availability.
  2. Channel Managers: facilitate the automatic update of availability and rates across different distribution channels, ensuring consistency in the information displayed on all sales channels, including Global Distribution Systems (GDS).
  3. Business Intelligence (BI) Systems: tools for the analysis of large datasets to gain valuable insights into performance, trends, and opportunities for improvement.
  4. Competitive Analysis Tools (Benchmarking): these enable monitoring of competitors’ rates and strategies to adjust pricing strategies accordingly. They are often integrated into Channel Managers.
  5. Review and Feedback Platforms: monitoring customer reviews on platforms like TripAdvisor or to understand the hotel’s market perception and make necessary adjustments.

You will learn to familiarize yourself with the fundamental concepts of Revenue Management: segmentation, booking window, RevPAR, GOPPAR, etc. You will see their practical application and how they can guide you to make better decisions.

You have at your disposal one hour of individualized tutoring. You write to us, tell us your time availability and we will make an appointment for a video call.

The “Strategic” course is mainly focused on the Forecast: you will learn how to read it and elaborate it yourself. To do this, it is important that you have absorbed the concepts of the “Essentials” course.

No, it is not necessary. Many students of our courses come from other hospitality sectors: apartments, campsites, hostels, restaurants, etc.

The course includes mandatory quizzes and activities throughout the various lessons. At the end, there is a mandatory final exam consisting of a 20-question quiz that can only be taken once.

Revenue Management is a discipline that optimizes revenue and maximizes the profitability of hotels and companies in the tourism sector.

Revenue Management uses strategies and techniques to intelligently manage pricing, availability, and accommodation capacity, with the goal of attracting the right demand and achieving maximum economic returns.

By implementing pricing strategies, market segmentation, demand management, and capacity optimization, hotels can enhance their positioning, increase occupancy, and maximize revenue. This allows hotels to dynamically adapt to market fluctuations and customer preferences.

Additionally, Revenue Management enables hotels to anticipate market trends and plan effectively, which is crucial for managing seasonal demand, optimizing occupancy during low-demand periods, and capitalizing on high-demand times. This improves operational efficiency and generates greater economic benefits for hotel establishments.

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Course on Essentials of Revenue Management

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