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What consulting services does Hotel-lo offer?

Hotel-lo Revenue Services has been operating as a hotel consultancy for more than 20 years with projects of revenue management and sales strategy implementation and also coaching. Thanks to the application of Revenue Management techniques, we offer services whose main objective is revenue optimization.

As consultants, we recommend that the first step towards excellence is a complete check-up of the commercial situation of the hotel, analyzing how the Revenue Management is being carried out and how it can be improved, in other words: Business Analysis, Complete Audit and Action Plan. We call this service Revenue Audit.

Choose your Revenue Audit format


Online initial session

Complete Audit

Online final session

Detailed report

Action plan

Follow-up of actions carried out by the hotel


Face-to-face initial session

Complete Audit

Face-to-face final session

Detailed report

Action plan

Follow-up of actions carried out by the hotel

What consulting services do we offer? And more FAQs

No, the Revenue Audit is an easy to understand and consolidated consulting format, but it is not the only service we offer. In fact, most of the consulting actions we have performed have been defined on the basis of the client’s needs, not on the basis of a predefined format.

For example, we have accompanied hotels in the creation of an internal Revenue Management Department. Or we have made plans to change the market positioning of establishments that required it. We have also provided customized training for hotel managers and many other projects.

Hotel-lo offers consulting and auditing services focused on Revenue Management covering all aspects of hotel marketing. For example:

  • Revenue Audit
  • Review and optimization of internal procedures
  • Accompaniment and training of managers
  • Rebranding and repositioning
  • Hotel opening
  • Experience design
  • Development of marketing and sales strategies
  • Technology implementation
  • etc.

We asked ChatGPT what a hotel audit is and it answered the following:

During a hotel audit, various aspects of the business are examined, such as financial management, quality of customer service, maintenance of facilities, compliance with rules and regulations, safety and hygiene, among others.

Well, none of the aspects mentioned by artificial intelligence are included in the audit that we perform at Hotel-lo.

Our service is focused on Revenue Management and, in general, on all aspects that have to do with hotel marketing. Our goal is to identify areas of improvement that will increase sales, revenue per room, and reduce intermediation costs.

Our Revenue Management audit starts by analyzing all the hotel’s historical data sources, internal (PMS, Excel) or external (OTAs, online reputation). It includes an analysis of the hotel’s internal decision-making procedures as well as the technology available to the hotel.

Following an internal verification checklist, we detect all areas of improvement and define the actions to be taken in the short, medium and long term.

Our Basic Revenue Audit service is affordable for any hotel establishment. The Premium service and any other consulting service have a cost that depends on the actions that Hotel-lo has to perform in first person.

Contact us without obligation and we will prepare an offer with different collaboration options.

No, it is not necessary. Our consulting services are performed remotely. Face-to-face, it is possible that we may conduct meetings or sporadic visits to your hotel.

The Action Plan is the “deliverable” of our Revenue Audit. It mentions all the actions, in the short, medium and long term, to be taken to improve the different areas of the hotel’s marketing.

In this case, you should consider outsourcing your Revenue Management and establish a long-term relationship with Hotel-lo. We can take care of all aspects related to the sales and marketing of the hotel and thus become your Revenue Management Department.

Any doubt or question?

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