Hotel Consulting

Hotel Consulting

“The only way to truly discover is not to look for new landscapes, but to look with new eyes”

Marcel Proust, french writer

What’s an Audit for?

To carry out an audit means using those “new eyes” that Marcel Proust spoke of – eyes that allow you to see things in a new light.

Are you really maximising your income? Is there a demand that you’re not catering for that could really boost your business? Is your hotel’s image consistent with the positioning that you want to give it? And, above all, is your positioning correct? Questions like these have a clear enemy: when urgent matters take priority over the important ones.

Our unique approach

Our speciality is revenue management and online marketing. We know that these are the main areas where a hotel can improve and maximize most of its profit margins.

Our approach is a totally practical one, and, when we complete the audit, we’ll propose a plan of action – measures that you can introduce with immediate effect – and this will set you on the road towards a winning strategy in Revenue Management and Online Distribution.

The two Revenue Audit models

Choose the best option for you


Initial online Session

Complete Audit

Final online Session

Detailed report

Action Plan

Follow-up of the actions carried out by the hotel


Initial on-site Session

Complete Audit

Final on-site Session

Detailed report

Action Plan

Follow-up of the actions carried out by the hotel

Who's it for?

A customised solution for every type of business

Independent hotels

The most complicated aspect for these types of establishments is to break with the dynamics and methods they’ve been using for many years.

Medium-size chains

Are you taking advantage of all possible synergies that Online Distribution offers?

Hostels/Guest Houses

These often need a clear roadmap in order to modernize Revenue and Distribution.



In these cases, an audit is the first step towards implementing Revenue Management strategies and tactics.

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