Revenue By Hour

Revenue By Hour

“If you walk alone, you’ll go faster; if you walk with someone, you’ll go further”

Chinese Proverb

What is Revenue By Hour?

An hourly service so that an expert can provide you with the exact support that you need. We’ll give you a timely, specific answer to your one-off problems.

This could be reviewing a rate calendar, mapping rates in the Channel Manager, setting up a new PMS from scratch, preparing reports, among other things. There are several tasks related to Revenue Management or Online Distribution that we can carry out for you. Have a look at the list below and tell us your needs.

Two good reasons to hire the service

Without a doubt, there will be so many tasks and jobs to carry out in your business, and so little time to do them. Many of them seem to absorb so much of your time and energy. Some of them may be quite complex, and others may be jobs that require very specific knowledge. This is the first objective of Revenue By Hour: to give you a timely solution that will help you to make more effective use of your time.

However, there’s another reason: for you to put us to the test. Other companies will force you to sign a contract that will tie to you their services for at least a year. Not us. We want you to test our effectiveness and professionalism first!

30 things we can do with Revenue By Hour

If you need anything that’s not on this list, then just ask us!

Comparing channel managers

Choosing the right PMS

Finding a technological solution for complex problems

Helping you learn how to extract reports from PMS

Getting the most out of PMS

Mapping the channel manager

Setting up a new booking engine

Reviewing the rate structure and proposing another scale

Creating a pickup and know how to feed it

Making a forecast fine-tuned to your current situation

Creating an annual rate calendar

Suggesting and evaluating new sales channels

Making the most of OTAs (vertical SEO)

Creating promotions and managing them, from OTAs to PMS

Managing an online reputation crisis

Establishing guidelines to respond to comments

Taking action to improve your online reputation

Planning an email marketing strategy

Benchmarking (qualitatively and quantitatively)

Defining a global direct sales strategy

Taking action to increase direct sales

Preparing a major negotiation

Creating the hotel blog

Creating advertising campaigns

Hiring a specialized photographer

Making a corporate video

Creating content to improve organic positioning

Making an SEO check of the hotel website

Sending a Mystery Guest

Making a checklist for almost any of the above items

Who's it for?

An hourly service for every business type

Independent hotels

… to choose the most suitable PMS and channels.

Medium-size chains

…to prepare for those very complicated negotiations with OTAs.

Large chains

… to have a clear and objective analysis of the market rivals and competition.


… to streamline rates and holiday seasons.


… to create the first pickup in a campsite’s history.

Hostels/Guest Houses

… to finally focus on direct sales and reduce costs.

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